Case Studies

Case Study 1: Outsourcing Entire Finance Function

EPE Administration mandated to outsource finance function employing 6 finance professionals. Initially, EPE Administration:

  • Took the financial records from the last audited/statutory submission
  • Updated the accounting records so they were in line with the existing in house finance team
  • Provided a one month comparison to the existing in-house team in terms of deliverables and accuracy: EPE Administration
    were quicker and more accurate as well as the format and information contained in the reports being of a higher quality

EPE Administration then undertook:

  • Control of invoicing
  • Debtor reconciliations and recovery (including faster collection)
  • Supplier invoices, made all payments and queried all costs
  • Aided in sourcing various suppliers e.g. professional indemnity insurance
  • Provided accounting and payroll services
  • Annual returns to Companies House
  • Provided cash flow forecasts and budgets
  • Created and submitted all statutory accounts and corporation tax returns
  • Submitted all FCA regulatory returns

The in-house finance team had previously cost £390k per annum. EPE Administration charged £100k per annum, resulting in an annual saving of £290k as well as increasing the company’s profitability through flexible reporting and lower costs:

  • Helped the business understand which of its clients had not paid at all
  • The Debtor analysis provided details of which clients were continuously late: EPE Administration suggested to the
    client a standing order on the fees which improved cash flow to the business.
  • The reports also helped reduce the costs as other cheaper suppliers could be sourced including alternative service
Case Study 2: EPE LLP and ESO plc

EPE Administration undertakes the full range of investment support activities on behalf of the EPE Group, covering:

  • Weekly: updating of items such as cash flows, monitoring fees report, placement report and customer and supplier
    follow ups
  • Monthly: completing recharges processes, book-keeping, management accounts, payroll and monitoring of cost code
  • Quarterly: VAT returns, issuing sales invoice, issuing recharges invoices and providing backup for recharges
  • Annually: assisting with auditing, preparation of statutory accounts, annual returns
  • FCA Regulatory reports on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis, totalling 60 reports a year

For ESO, EPE Administration undertakes:

  • Weekly: monitors the distribution of cash flow report and bank balances
  • Monthly: assists in calculation of ESO NAV
  • Quarterly: oversees the updating of the ESO plc website in line with AIM rule 26
  • Semi-annually: reports on all cash flows for portfolio companies for EPE’s Track Record
  • Annually: assists in the preparation of the Report and Accounts

EPE Administration provides EPE with IT and technical support including the creation and maintenance of IT profiles,
maintenance of data on EPE’s systems, and the management of telephone contracts and issues relating to handset

Ad-hoc requests covering legal and statutory document administration, client queries and management of EPE’s BUPA
healthcare scheme are also covered in the services provided