History Key


EPE Special Opportunities plc raises £8.0m via a placing of ULNs

Pharmacy2U ("P2U") completed a merger with ChemistDirect.co.uk in July 2016, supported by an investment of £10.0m from the Business Growth Fund

Luceco (LUCE.GB) EPE Special Opportunities plc completes the IPO of Luceco plc, implying a return of 24.4x MM and 75.6% IRR

2014 - 15

Bighead EPE Special Opportunities plc sells stake to Management in 2014, achieving 3.6x MM and 52% IRR

Indicia EPE Special Opportunities plc sells stake to Charterhouse in 2014, achieving 2.2x MM and 24.6% IRR

Make It Rain EPE Special Opportunities plc sells interest in Make It Rain to DAC Group in 2015, achieving 3.2x MM and 32% IRR

Purchase of minority interest in ESO 1 Investments LP, making EPIC Special Opportunities plc the sole Limited Partner

2010 - 13

EPE Special Opportunities plc Purchase of nine growth and buy-out assets from EPIC plc for £22m consideration.

Pinnacle Regeneration Group EPE Special Opportunities plc sells stake to Management in 2011, achieving 1.8x MM and 111% IRR   

Ryness EPE Special Opportunities plc sells stake to Marlowes in 2011, achieving 1.7x MM and 87% IRR   

Palatinate EPE Special Opportunities plc sells stake to Minerva Education Finance Ltd. in 2013, achieving 2.4x MM and 43% IRR 

2007 - 09

EPIC Private Equity ("EPE") EPIC Investment Partners sold to Syndicate for £17m. EPE 100% owned by Partners

Whittard of Chelsea (current) ESO buys tea and coffee retailer out of administration in December 2008

Minority stakes EPIC plc purchases Numis’ 10.3% stake in PRG and a further 20.0% of equity in Nexus Industries

EPE Special Opportunities plc ("ESO") ESO raise £5m by way of an Open Offer and Placing from majority of founding shareholders

2005 - 06

EPIC Private Equity (“EPE”) EPE, led by Giles Brand, secures independence and spins out of EPIC Investment Partners

EPIC Brand Investments plc Exit of fund to Lornamead Acquisitions Limited, returning all capital to shareholders

2001 - 04

EPIC Investment Partners Founded in 2001 with Brit Insurance plc support, focused on fixed income and specialist funds

EPIC plc £70m Fund raised on London Stock Exchange Full List to invest in quoted and unquoted securities

EPIC Brand Investments plc £50m Fund raised on AIM to invest in home and personal care brands

EPE Special Opportunities plc £30m Fund raised on AIM to invest in distressed assets and special situations